This is basically a court order which once issued, enables you to handle the matters of a person who has passed. When you get probate, it means that you get a court order which makes you fill the shoes of a deceased person so that you can have certain functions going on. The person responsible for applying for probate is the administrator. Check out Mr Probate to get started.

You do not need a grant of representation for you to get probate in some cases. This will be required if there is involvement of shares or stock, among other situations. However, if the deceased left money in the bank or in building societies, you will not need to have a grant of representation. You should make sure that you find out the various policies in order to determine the amount that can be disbursed without the need to avail a grant of representation.

What Will Be The Situation In Case The Deceased Leaves A Will?
There is an executor who is nominated by most wills so as to give the way forward as indicated by the deceased person. The role played by an executor is very critical. These roles include handling all property in the estate, taking care of collection of assets at the estate, solving all tax issues from the estate, among others.

What Is The Way Forward If The Deceased Did Not Leave Behind A Will?
If this is the case, the people who are entitled should send an application so that they can handle it. They are known as administrators and in this case, will be required to fill in a grant letter of administration. Visit for more info.

What Are The Steps To Take When Applying For Probate?
If there was a well detailed will left behind by the deceased, the process would be easy if handled by a competent executor. You should make sure that more info is gathered before choosing the handle the estate administration all by yourselves.

How Much Will You Be Charged For Probate?
During the application process, you will have to pay 215 Euros. The amount is to be paid to the HM Courtsand Tribunal service.

Inheritance Tax Meaning
This is the tax remitted for an estate value within a certain period of time. The level is set by the government. This tax rate is about 40% of the estate value that is over the threshold. You should know that there are a number of aspects which can influence the amount to be paid.

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